Your completed FAFSA must be received by May 1 immediately preceding the academic year for:

  1. All renewal applicants
  2. New applicants who plan to enroll in an undergraduate baccalaureate degree program
  3. Those students in college transfer programs at two-year public or junior colleges

For timely processing, submission of the FAFSA by March 1 of the preceding academic year is recommended.

Policy Changes for PA State Grants and Online Classes

Begining in Fall 2013, there is a new PHEAA-mandated Classroom Instruction Policy which requires Pitt-Titusville to monitor the percentage of coursework a student takes online on a term-by-term basis.

A student may receieve a state grant award for a term as long as he or she takes at least 50 percent of their credits for that term in the classroom
In previous academic years, Pitt-Titusville had the ability to monitor this requirement on the basis of each academic year or a student's entire program of study.

Courses offered online or through distance education are not considered in the classroom.
Student teaching experiences, internships, laboratories, externships, and clinical experiences conducted under the supervision of a faculty member are considered to meet the in the classroom definition

PHEAA Special Programs

PHEAA sponsors a variety of special programs unique to Pennsylvania and available only to Pennsylvania residents. For more details about these programs, visit their website.