Admission Requirements

Each year, we have limited seats available for students in the nursing major. Students admitted to our two-year program need to meet the requirements for admission to the university and the following additional requirements:

Successful completion of a minimum of 16 high school or beyond units including:

  • 4 units in English
  • 2 units in Mathematics (1 unit must be in Algebra)
  • 3 units in Social Science
  • 1 unit in Biology with a related laboratory
  • 1 unit in Chemistry with a related laboratory
  • 5 units academic electives¬†

The University of Pittsburgh's decision to go test-optional through Fall 2023 is to ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to be considered for admission, particularly in light of ongoing challenges with access to SAT and ACT test centers.

All applicants to the University of Pittsburgh receive a comprehensive individual review; admission is not based on a single factor. In the absence of SAT or ACT test scores, the committee will determine admissibility by relying more heavily on other admissions factors.

For students with SAT/ACT scores, how you wish to present yourself to the Admissions Committee should be a personal decision. If you do not consider your test results to be an accurate reflection of your past academic performance and future academic potential, you may want to apply test-optional. Subsequently, if you have SAT/ACT results you believe add to your overall academic portfolio, you are invited to submit those scores. Please note, SAT/ACT results are not used in the scholarship review process.

For students submitting an SAT or ACT score, prospective students will be admitted directly with a minimum cumulative high school grade point average of 2.75 and a minimum combined math and critical reading SAT score of 1110 or an ACT composite score of at least 22. Students transferring from another college or university must have completed a minimum of 12 college-level credits with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75. Students failing to meet these criteria will be referred to a preparatory program.

All applicants must arrange for all information to be released and sent to the Office of Admissions before any admissions decision can be rendered.